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I wanted to share with a larger group this great business located in McKinney, Texas and Serving the greater Dallas Metroplex. I have been involved with over the past year, called Venia Floral and Event Design. The website is WWW.VENIAFLOWERS.COM. It has been a wonderful experience being part of a great team.

I have done multiple startup companies over the years and I have never worked so hard as I have with this one. Working at the ground level on all aspects of the business including sweeping floors, counter sales, making flower arrangements, and flower deliveries. For those of you that know me as a veteran executive, it may be hard to believe that I have swept floors and made deliveries. The flower deliveries are my favorite and most hated activity. I hate the Metro traffic. However, it is an interesting experience to meet with customers face to face and share in the personal experience.

Flowers touch many different aspects of the human life and can say so much like: get well, I Do, thank you, condolences, Happy Birthday and I Love You to name a few. Flowers truly cover the cross-section of emotions. As a result, the flowers must be perfect and the customer service must be just as perfect. An angry delivery person can completely ruin date night. I’m not speaking from experience. I promise I have not ruined a date yet.
I’m fortunate and I have a personality trait that allows me to be ticked off but, flips a switch and is Southern Sweet Tea to a customer. I guess that is why I have been in the Customer Service Business for so many years. It is a trait that all good customer service people share.

At the end of the day, it does not matter what you sell or what service you provide. The flowers can be perfect, the shirt a great price or the phone call clarity can be impeccable. If the customer service experience is not up to par then the total experience is still ruined. I could ramble for days about great products that I would never buy again because of the bad customer experience. I’m sure all of you have experienced the same.

For the folks that took the time to read this personal note thanks. Your three minutes is greatly appreciated. I hope you will visit VENIAFLOWERS.COM soon. Follow us and like us on Facebook. We posted some cool pictures of some of the flowers we have delivered and events we have done. A very important note, Venia can deliver anywhere so if you want to purchase flowers you can go to the website and order. Better yet call us and maybe I will pick up the phone and take your order. You can critique my customer service. Anyone who mentions this blog, we will give you a 10% discount on your purchase (seriously). Again, we can deliver anywhere in North America. Thanks again and hope to talk to you soon. If not, see you on social media.

About the author, Frank Royal is a co-founder of Venia Floral and Event Design, Entrepreneur, and 25-year veteran of the Customer Service Industry. Frank has been a Senior Executive and CEO of multiple leading Business Process Outsourcing companies.  

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I loved my arrangement that I got when a man came up to me with the flowers he had a smile on his face and said ever so kindly I have a delivery for lily is that you I just had to smile because the flowers were so beautiful the arrangement came from my husband I brought it inside and put it right in the middle of the kitchen table and when my husband can home I just had to smile


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